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  • Mazda owner is responsible for properly operating and maintaining your Mazda vehicle in accordance with the instructions described in your owner's manual and warranty booklet. For additional details regarding required maintenance on your specific vehicle, please reference Section 8 in your owner's manual.

  • No

  • If the ownership information details for your vehicle have changed, or if the vehicle was purchased used, you can update your details through one of the following methods:

    The easiest way to update your information is by visiting the service or sales department of your local Mazda Dealer along with vehicle ownership card.

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  • Yes for Further details please contact to Mazda Authorize Dealer, Read More

  • Tire warranty is provided by the tire manufacturer, not Mazda. Most Mazda dealerships can warranty a tire that originally came on a new Mazda, if the tire failed due to a tire manufacturer defect. Road hazard incidents are not covered on tires that came with a vehicle when new.

  • An online version of the owner's manual is available for certain vehicles. Please  find the appropriate manual for your vehicle refer the  grades and specifications.

  • Yes, We Provide Rental Vehicle 

  • Mazda recommends that you have your vehicle serviced and accidental repair job done at an authorized Mazda dealership. 

  • The Blind Spot Monitoring* (BSM) may not detect vehicles in the following conditions:

    • A vehicle in detection area is not approaching
    • A vehicle driving alongside at similar speed
    • A vehicle traveling in the opposite direction
    • A vehicle driving in the adjacent lane attempting to pass your vehicle
    • A vehicle driving in an extremely wide adjacent lane
    • Vehicle speed below 6 mph

  • Mazda has specific recommendations on the type of oil to use in your Mazda vehicle. Please refer to your owner's manual under "Maintenance and Care." Your local Mazda Dealer can also assist you with technical questions, including which oil to use.

  • Mazda does not recommend altering or modifying vehicle tire or wheel sizes from the specifications to which they were originally built. Doing so may adversely impact your New-Vehicle Limited Warranty and driving safety. All of the parts fitted to your Mazda vehicle from the factory have been tested to ensure they meet Mazda standards. The wheels fitted at the factory are engineered by Mazda and tested to ensure they are safe and will not interfere with any other components or systems in your vehicle.

    Fitting larger wheels or tires can affect the operation of Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)* Traction Control System (TCS) and Roll Stability Control (RSC), which all have very complex programming. A seemingly insignificant change to the vehicle ride height, or the size of a wheel or tire, may prevent these systems from performing correctly. In addition, there may also be insufficient spacing between other components within the vicinity (such as the suspension strut, control arm, steering rack, brake calipers, etc.).

  • The Mazda Connect system does not support playback/control of streaming music via USB, so if there is no music stored locally on your Android device , the Mazda Connect system will not recognize any compatible files for playback. Also, depending on how the music stored on your device is managed (via default music player, via 3rd party music player app, etc.) it may be necessary to press Play on the device when the USB source is selected from the Mazda Connect system.

  • Touch-up paint can be purchased from the Bodyshop of your local authorized Mazda dealership. Your vehicle's paint code can be found on the "Build Date" plate. To locate this on your vehicle, please refer to section 10, "Label information," in your owner's manual.

  • SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY* is our holistic, ground-up approach to engineering. With all the major components designed to work together in efficient harmony, it delivers outstanding fuel efficiency without compromising driving performance. For more information, please visit our SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY Web site or the Mazda Spirit Web site.

  • Warranty repairs may only be performed by an authorized Mazda dealership. Please note that repairs performed at an independent repair facility are not eligible for reimbursement or coverage under the Mazda New-Vehicle Limited Warranty.

  • Mazda does not recommend a specific brand of tire. We suggest that you consult with the Service Centre  as tires vary greatly in performance and efficiency.  Mazda Dealer can assist with finding replacement tires to fit your needs. 

  • You are responsible for properly operating and maintaining your Mazda vehicle in accordance with the instructions described in your owner's manual. If your vehicle is driven under severe driving conditions, you should follow Schedule 2 of the maintenance requirements described in your owner's manual.

  • To have your key reprogrammed, please contact the service department of your local authorized Mazda Dealer. Proof of ownership is normally required to reprogram keys. Please contact your local dealer for specifics regarding owner verification documentation.

  • Mazda's Web site has a brochure section that includes both online and downloadable versions of each vehicle's accessories, features and specifications, and Smart Start guides.  

  • Workshop manuals are not available to the public. For technical assistance contact your local dealer.

  • Please contact the service or parts department of  local authorized Mazda Dealer for specific pricing and availability. 

  • Yes it can be transferred with additional processing fee for more details please contact to Mazda Service Centre